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Sanjeev Pahwa

Managing Director

MD's Message

For over 40 years we have been the pioneers in the Bicycle Tyre Industry. We have been innovative, we have been technologically modern, we have been the trusted leader. We got here, we got here by leading the change. Be it technology, business practices and customer satisfaction, we have set the benchmarks. Today, we need to push the boundaries further. Our ambition now is to make an indelible mark in motorcycle tyres. We intend to be the torch bearers in this segment. Yes, in the highly competitive, technologically demanding category with huge distribution challenges and deeply entrenched brands. Yes, we know it’s tough but we also know it’s not impossible. Our mantra for success is based on the 3 Ps, which are Precision, Persistence and Performance, and these are not just values but the driving force of our organization.


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